Microsoft confirms 17-year old Windows Vulnerability (ZDNet blogs)

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One day after a Google security researcher released code to expose a flaw that affects every release of the Windows NT kernel — from Windows NT 3.1 (1993) up to and including Windows 7 (2009) — Microsoft dropped a security advisory to acknowledge the issue and warn of the risk of privilege escalation attacks.

Microsoft was notified about the issue in June 2009 and has still not fixed the vulnerability.

Interesting to note that x64 is not affected and valid credentials are needed for the system to be compromised.

Obviously x64 (64-bit) Windows 7 would be the best option and making sure your system is protected by a strong password would be helpful either way.

However, on x32 (32-bit) Windows, any version of Windows could be compromised given the right Trojan cocktail even if the system is password protected.

Something to think about.