If you were waiting for the opportune moment to leave Facebook…

[tweetmeme source=”franscomputerservices” only_single=false]…This would be it.

Still no privacy by default, still no opt-in.

Facebook event outlines ‘simpler’ privacy controls (CNET)

Too little, too late. And even some of the privacy advocates are saying these changes look good?! Better than nothing, but good?!

I think the anxiety Zuckerberg displayed was well deserved. I am sure he was thinking that if enough people realized how very little he/Facebook did to help with privacy (other than making it idiot proof with a one stop shop button which sets to recommended — which is a joke but better than nothing), NOR did he address the security issues for that matter, or how little he really intends to do.

And he had the gall to say that his take away was not to mess with privacy for a long time?! Long time in who’s estimation? It seems to be more of a joke then anything else — he can not be trusted, IMHO. I am deleting my account.

The scariest thing is the fact that he wants us to believe that the majority of the people on facebook are willing to share anything required in order to have a free service of this nature. Willing to risk, or chance security breaches, or future privacy issues, or accept whatever he offers (even after the privacy fiasco), as long as they have a free tool to connect with friends and family.

This has been a real wake up call for some. Those that were holding out to see what Mark Zuckerberg did before they deleted their account … well, this is it. This is all he’s done. It’s something but it’s not what was hoped, or did it return to privacy by default, and I will not be a party to this any longer. He is still hoping that folks will not think or worry about changing their privacy setting, just like companies with rebates do. Only a small amount of consumers will bother with the rebates, or bother messing with the privacy settings in Facebook.

I don’t think I would even pay a fee to remove advertising after the underhanded manner this whole thing has been handled. There has to be someone who is more trustworthy that would want to do something like this, isn’t there?! And he still gets to sell your data but that’s not enough?! He can’t do opt-in? He can’t give us back what we had; privacy by default?!

Good bye Facebook.

EDIT: Done. Deleted my Facebook account.


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