Happy Birthday Windows 7

Happy Birthday Windows 7!

1 Year Old today … 240 Million Licenses sold in one year!

Windows 7: 1 year, 240 million licenses (DigitalTrends)

Windows 7 logo

Happy Birthday Windows 7! (image courtesy of DigitalTrends.com)

Windows 7 is the fastest selling OS yet, with more than 240 million license sales in one year and 17.1 percent of all PCs running it.

It is great to see that Microsoft has finally done something impressive. This is, IMHO, as great a transition for Windows as Windows 95 (or more to the point, the more stable Win98SE) was after Windows 3.1 (or more to the point, the more stable WFW Win 3.1.1).

And 64-bit that works well and is pretty well supported too. It’s about time.

“Respondents listed increased performance (69 percent), increased reliability (59 percent), and a better end-user experience (51 percent) as the most common factors influencing their decisions to migrate to Windows 7,” Symantec’s survey said.

It is the first Windows that I feel comfortable recommending in a long time.

Congrats Microsoft and Windows 7.

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