LibreOffice Community Gets Free E-Mail, Jabber And SIP Addresses @Libreoffice.Org

LibreOffice Community Gets Free E-Mail, Jabber And SIP Addresses @Libreoffice.Org

The Document Foundation (TDF), the charitable entity behind LibreOffice, the leading free office suite, today announces the upcoming availability of addresses for its members, starting July 1st. To foster the rapidly growing community and help it with their daily engagement, the foundation will provide a variety of free services under this domain. As of today, these are:

  • an e-mail address with a fully-featured IMAP account, alternatively an e-mail forwarder
  • a Jabber/XMPP address for instant messaging
  • a SIP/VoIP account for voice conferencing

Those services will be, beginning July 1st, provided free of charge to all members of The Document Foundation, and are made possible with the generous help of our supporters, whom we’d like to thank on behalf of the community!

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